Wow: Did You Know? Selena Gomez Has These 7 Guinness World Records To Her Name? Here’s The List

Selena Gomez and her stunning 7 Guinness World Records.Selena Gomez, the scintillating American singer and actress is simply the crowd favourite!! She is a world-famous icon who loves her popularity and prowess.

Selena Gomez has been a great pop star, who has amassed the love of the public with her achievements at work.

She holds as many as 7 Guinness World Records, and she is proud to hold these unique achievements.

A report in, listed out her achievements, and we take reference from that story for our writeup.

At the age of 22, Selena had two world Records after dominating the Kids’ Choice Awards. At 24, Guinness World Records crowned Selena Gomez as the queen of Instagram with her huge number of followers and immense popularity.

Selena Gomez earned her first world record in 2015, for the Most Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards won by a female with nine wins. The same year, she smashed her second record, this time for the Most Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards won by a female singer with three wins.

She had her third record as the Most likes for a female actor on Facebook in 2016 and holds the record still up until February 2020.

She has a fan following of over 240 Million on Instagram and is the first Instagram user to reach 100 million followers.

She held this Guinness world record title for over 2 years. Selena earned 5 world records via Instagram.

Selena Gomez ranks as the first Instagram user to reach 100 million followers.

Selena Gomez scored another Guinness record after posting a photo of herself while drinking from an antique bottle of Coca-Cola. The picture reached 6,305,166 likes and became the Most Liked Picture on Instagram. But, she was surpassed by Beyonce in February 2017.

Selena smashed one more record after scoring the Most followers on Instagram for an actor (female).

Wow!! This is a huge achievement!!

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Selena Gomez and her stunning 7 Guinness World Records.

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