What’s the latest a pro se is allowed to bring on counsel in a federal civil action? I’m doing things myself for now because I know how, but I’ve never tried a case before. When I get to that point, can I hire an attorney days before trial?

Answer:The Criminal Jury Instructions for Kansas say that a defendant may change counsel, but the action must be taken before trial. The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure says that a pro se litigant has a duty to request the appointment of counsel, but only if that person requests a jury or is an incarcerated individual with a money judgment in excess of $5000. Any other person who files suit without being appointed counsel will have to show why they have been proceeding pro se. In summary therefore, it appears from reading these sources that you would usually need to get new attorneys before your suit goes on trial again unless you request arbitration or are an incarcerated individual with a monetary award exceeding $5000.Team members taking turns writing Qu

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