What halloween movies are canon?

Yes, a whopping 40 years after John Carpenter’s original halloween movie wrote the slasher rule book, we’re back for one last round of trick-or-treating. halloween was already set in the final hours based on the desolate streets as Michael hunted the Strode family. Halloween IV, directed by Dwight Little, picks up 10 years after the events of the first two films, with Michael Myers awakening from a coma and heading out to find and kill Laurie’s daughter Jamie Lloyd (Danielle Harris). In H20, Michael returns from his apparent hibernation to stalk Laurie Strode and her 17-year-old son, 20 years after the events of Halloween.

Halloween Kills has a chance to break the record held by 1981’s Halloween II in the original franchise canon. For decades, John Carpenter’s Halloween has terrified moviegoers with its spooky tale of a young, innocent babysitter who is stalked by a deranged serial killer. But didn’t they kill her off before Halloween 4? Well, it turns out that Halloween 4, 5 and 6 didn’t happen. After a brief absence for an unrelated third entry (more on that later), Michael Myers returned in this fourth installment of the Halloween film series.

The film stands out as one of the brightest spots in the Halloween film series, garnering critical and commercial success, but with it came the temptation to make another sequel. Season of the Witch is the black sheep of the Halloween franchise, as its story has nothing to do with Michael Myers. Instead, H20 is a direct sequel to Halloween II, and while it somewhat acknowledges Laurie’s death in the car crash of Halloween 4, it turns out she faked it and now lives on as director Keri Tate. John Carpenter wrote and directed the first Halloween movie and was involved in three more films in the franchise.

This is where things start to get a little confusing, because it turns out that multiple continuations of the Halloween series have specific films in common. After the events of the last film, Jamie (Laurie’s daughter, Michael’s niece) is now mute as a result of all that unrest, but has somehow forged a psychic bond with Myers. Given that Zombie’s Halloween was a huge commercial (if not critical) success, a sequel was inevitable.


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