What does it mean if I dreamed my dead stepmother called my living aunt to tell her my living dad was dead and he wasnt. When I went to his house he was alive and she was in the bed and tried to reach out and touch me?

Answer: NothingTypically, this would just be a one-time dream wherein you are recalling your stepmother, who is now dead. I do not think it means anything. However, if you can recall any other details about the dream– for instance, if she told your aunt something important to make her call– then this might have some significance. But since there are no specifics in your question, I’m going to say that may be nothing more than a figment of your imagination based on emotions or unresolved feelings related to your stepmother’s death or relationship with the relative. That may well be what it is all about. Not sure though! Hope that helps!More importantly how does this person not know their own stepsister?

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