Watch the UFC’s ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson Fight People Using Only Counterattacks

“I’m going to get punched in the face.””I’m going to get punched in the face.””I’m going to get punched in the face.”

In a new video on his YouTube channel, UFC fighter Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson takes on a sparring challenge where, in each round, he is confined to using only one particular move or technique. These limitations force him to think on his feet, like when he has to fight while only deploying counterattacks:

“These guys are boxing right now only. Punching, no kicking. I have got to wait for them to throw the technique first, and then I must block and counter back with something,” he says. “I can’t do anything first, I have to wait for them to throw first and then I counter. I’m going to be punched in the face. Here we go.”

After that, Thompson must use spinning attacks only. Even as a former pro kickboxer with a pretty extensive repertoire including spin side kicks, spin hook kicks, roundhouse kicks, and tornado kicks, Thompson finds this round “crazy” and “difficult.”

Things get even more challenging when Thompson has to spar without bouncing. “I feel like, when I’m not bouncing, it’s easier for him to hit me, for one,” he says. “He sees me coming a lot easier, so I’m going to have bruised ribs for the next week… I can’t stand not being able to bounce. But, that said, you’ve still got to learn to be able to fight in the pocket: you’re pressed up against the fence, maybe you’ve got a hurt calf, a hurt leg, and you’ve got to fire.”

Finally, Thompson tries fighting while curling a 10-pound kettlebell in his back hand at the same time—which he is forced to admit is “a good workout.”

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