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Things To Do In Thanksgiving Road, GA

This past weekend my wife and I took our family to Thanksgiving road in easton MD. This road is not too far away from us but we really enjoy going there on the weekends. On our way there were a number of historical markers such as the place where Martin Luther King gave his historic speech. We also stopped at the grave of President Harry Truman.

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Easton is located about two miles from us so it was nice to be able to take our time and enjoy all that we saw. The road is also lined with woods so that you can sit and enjoy the evening, while being out in the open and away from any other car traffic. It is also lined with houses that are older and in much better shape than most of the other roads in the Maryland area.

In recent years this road has really come alive as a tourist attraction. Many tourists rent holiday cabins to enjoy the sights and the night life on Thanksgiving. I have also noticed that many people that work in the city now use this road to get into their office early so they don’t have to drive home. Indeed, the benefits of the road are numerous for those who live and visit here on a yearly basis.

As we drove along the road this past week we had some interesting company. There were three teenage girls driving a little red car that seemed to be running erratically. Their father was sitting in the passenger seat and they were talking excitedly as they drove. They were obviously excited about something and when I asked what they were going to do that day they said they were going to enjoy Thanksgiving Day at the Turkey Trot. I thought to myself that sounded like a blast and went to ask them about it.

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The girls told me they love turkey but it wasn’t that big of a deal because they could enjoy all the sights that the road has to offer during the annual Turkey Trot Spectacular. They told me that they love riding in the car with dad on Thanksgiving Day and that they want to go shopping with him before the day is over. Of course, I had to tell them that they couldn’t do that because the only mall that has shopping in November is also the first day of the fiscal year. Still, that made it an excellent day to spend with my family.

This was just one of the roadside fun things I did this past week in Easton. There were a number of other things I did to enjoy my time in the area. I rode my bicycle along part of the road in search of different types of wildflowers. It was a beautiful day so I took advantage of it and made the most of it. Once I found several different types of wildflowers along the road I was in for a great ride.

In addition to enjoying the road, I also enjoyed a number of things along the roadside. I ate some barbeque ribs and smoked turkey. After the small intestine did its job, I felt full and was able to enjoy the entire barbeque ribs before they got warm. As the evening wore on, I pulled out my smoker and had some last minute company over. A couple of people stopped by and offered to buy some alcohol and I declined.

If you have never been to Easton, Georgia, it is a beautiful area. The weather is pleasant most of the year and if you enjoy camping you will have plenty of opportunities to do so in this area. You can find so many unique things to do in this region of Georgia. If you are ever in Metro Atlanta make sure you take a trip to Thanksgiving Road and check out the great things to do in the area. You won’t regret it.