Ronaldo lives to break records, but here are six he will never get near

Cristiano Ronaldo’s two goals for Portugal in a 2-1 over Republic of Ireland saw him enter the Guinness World Records. He is now on 111 goals for his country, more than any other internationa…Cristiano Ronaldo’s two goals for Portugal in a 2-1 over Republic of Ireland saw him enter the Guinness World Records.

He is now on 111 goals for his country, more than any other international player in history.



    Ronaldo overtook Ali Daei's record with two goals against the Republic of Ireland   <div class="article__media-img-container open-gallery">
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    As a result he became the greatest goal scorer in international football history and posted this picture with his certificate   The new Manchester United signing has won the <a href="" title="World&#8217;s longest basketball game tops 120 hours in New York">game's top</a> honours - team and individual - for both club and country, too.

“Always good to be recognised as a world record breaker. Let’s keep trying to set the numbers even higher,” he said.

Yet, as good as it was there are some records he simply will not be able to break in the remainder of his career due to a number of reasons from birth place, position and the longevity of Lionel Messi.

You can’t win them all, Cristiano…

The England goal record

For all his talents, ability and goal scoring record, Madeira-born Ronaldo will have to retire one day knowing he will never be able to score a goal for England. Ever.

That means the everyone all the way from Darius Vassell on six goals to Wayne Rooney on 53 can sleep well at night knowing the Portuguese superstar will not score more than them.



    Vassell has scored more England goals than Ronaldo  Harry Kane will want that accolade given he is just 14 away from surpassing Rooney.

The captain’s penalty against Andorra took his England tally to 40.

Longest ever goal in football history

Sorry Ron, this belongs to Tom King.

On 19 January 2021, King lined up a goal kick for Newport County against Cheltenham Town and, thanks to the weather, the ball sailed all the way from his net into the opposition keeper’s.


Guinness World Record officially confirmed it as the longest goal ever recording it from 105 yards (96.01 metres) away.

Don’t be surprised to see Ronaldo asking Dean Henderson or David De Gea if he start taking goal kicks this season!

Most goals by a goalkeeper

Even Ronaldo knows he will never match a legend like Rogerio Ceni.

You may not recall the clubs he has played for (easy it’s Sao Paulo) but you’ll know what he’s famous for – goals.

The goalkeeper ended his career in 2015 and rather than counting how many clean sheets he kept, he will go down in history as the most prolific goal scoring ‘keepers ever.

In 1238 appearances he recorded 132 goals with 61 coming from free-kicks, 70 from the penalty spot and one from open play.

Good luck to Ronaldo if he has any aspirations of changing his position and producing that many goals!


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    Ceni is a legend in Brazil for his 131 goals scored <h3>Most goals for one club</h3>

The Messi-Ronaldo debate will be one that will live for the ages as fans argue over who is better? That is something that will never be agreed upon.

However, one thing we do know for a fact is that Messi is a greater goal scorer for one club.

Having been at one club for his entire professional career up until the 2021 summer transfer window when he had no choice to leave for PSG due to Barcelona’s financial issues, Messi recorded incredible numbers for his former team.

In 778 games, he scored an incredible 672 goals. Whereas Ronaldo who played the largest part of his career at Real Madrid scored 450 goals in 438 games, which some will argue is better anyway.


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    In this particular match, Messi scored four times against Arsenal   <h3>Longest throw-in</h3>

When we think of this, Rory Delap might be the first thing that comes to mind.

That, however, is incorrect as this incredible feat belongs to Michael Lewis aka Mikedoesflips on Instagram, who produced a throw that reached 196.3 feet (59.8 metres).

For all of Ronaldo’s talents it’s almost certain he won’t ever produce a throw in that strong, at least he won’t make a fool of himself as Milad Mohammadi did in the 2018 World Cup.

Most hot dogs scoffed in one sitting

Whilst Ronaldo may break some of these records, this is something you can bet your house on that he won’t.

Clearly age is no barrier for the iconic forward who despite being 36, still looks like a player in his mid-20s.


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    You think this guy eats hotdogs?    His incredible <a href="">fitness and diet regime</a> has enabled him to compete at the highest level, but it does mean that until the day he retires, which seems a long time away, he won't get close to Joey Chestnut's record of eating hot dogs. 

In the 2021 Hot Dog Eating Contest, Chestnut – ranked no.1 by Major League Eating – scoffed 76 hot dogs in just 10 minutes earning him title of champion.

None of this will matter to Ronaldo, who will no doubt be eyeing setting more records at Old Trafford.

He is currently on 118 goals and can begin chasing down Wayne Rooney’s 253 starting at Newcastle on Saturday 11 September when he makes his second debut.

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s two goals for Portugal in a 2-1 over Republic of Ireland saw him enter the Guinness World Records. He is now on 111 goals for his country, more than any other internationa…

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