Parks Near Plymouth MS – Great Places To Enjoy Your Holiday

Did you know that there are many parks near Plymouth? You will find two popular ones: Hadley Pond and Woodland Park. These parks offer miles of trails and views of the Intracoastal Waterway. If you love nature, walking, or hiking then these two parks are a must visit. The ponds at Woodland Park are a wonderful place for bird watching, water activities such as kayaking and dolphin watching, or simply relaxing in the shade.

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Woodland Park is located near the town of Plymouth. You will also need to travel a little further to reach this amazing park. This park offers miles of trails that wind around the edges of a large pond. Many bird watching enthusiasts come here to watch different species of birds that are native to the area.

The trails in this park are easy to walk on and even easier to ride on. There are also some nice little parking lots at the park. There is also a concession stand just a few steps from the trail head. You will also see picnic tables along the trail as well as restrooms and water features at the park near Plymouth. This park is open from May to October.

Hadley Pond is a lovely park with many different types of ponds. It is close to the Appalachian Trail and only about one mile away from downtown Plymouth. It is a beautiful park and the surrounding woods provide for some great wildlife viewing. You can hike along parts of the trail or simply sit on the beach and enjoy a picnic lunch.

If you enjoy kayaking or dolphin watching then you will want to check out the Hadley Pond Park. This park has guided kayaking tours available for individuals and families. You will also find many walking trails here. This park also has many different types of fish to view. You may want to bring your camera to capture these wonderful views.

If you enjoy bird watching you may want to visit Pequotidian National Wildlife Refuge. Here you will see many different species of birds such as: Black-necked Stilts, Flickers, Woodpeckers, Jungle Birds and more. There is also a playground area where you can toss a Frisbee.

One of the most beautiful parks is Fisherman’s Wharf. This park sits right next to the harbor in Plymouth. Here you will see one of the most famous harbors in the United States. Fisherman’s Wharf State Park was once a busy fishing harbor and today it is a beautiful park filled with waterfalls, woodlands and nature trails.

The above mentioned sites are all great places to go to if you enjoy visiting beautiful places. If you are planning a vacation this summer then make sure you take your family to these parks. They are a great way to spend the day. There are plenty of activities for the whole family. Make sure you plan ahead so that your family can spend time together. These parks are very close to the famous NASCAR racing grounds so you will have a blast seeing NASCAR races.

Some of the other wonderful parks are located near the southern part of the state. These include the Bass Pro Shops at Yorktown Point. This is a great place to shop for children as it has a large variety of clothing, toys and shoes. Also this park has an indoor kids area with slides, ladders, gymnastics and many other games.

If you are planning a trip to the city of Portsmouth MS then you may want to consider the famous Jack Nicklaus golf course. Located just next to the beach in the city of Portsmouth there is a driving range which allows players to practice their swings on turf. The entire course has an 18-hole golf course. The driving range is open seasonally. The indoor putting greens at the Jack Nicklaus site are a great way for small children to learn how to putt.

If you enjoy fishing then the parks around Plymouth MS have some of the best fishing places in the country. There are over forty species of fish to fish from the many lakes and ponds. The park has a concession stand which offers snacks and beverages to the children and adults alike. There are also life guards present at all times in case children become lost.

The family parks around the state of Mississippi are a great place for families to visit and enjoy themselves. Some of these parks have a lot of activities planned out for the entire family. They will give you something to do while you are taking in the beautiful scenery and the fresh air. The parks are designed around the needs of the different age groups. No matter what your interests are, they will have something available to you to enjoy.

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