My best friend starts talking to every guy I’m interested in. It’s happening right now, and I have no idea h ow to stop it. I love her to death, but it’s just so annoying. What should I do?

Answer: You may want to consider that your friend is just trying to be supportive of you.It’s possible that she really does see a good quality in these guys and wants you to find it as well, or she could even think a guy might be a better fit for her since you’re not going out with them. Some people will experience social anxiety issues where they’ll feel "insecure" when their friends are happy. Which is the whole opposite of the person who gets overly excited when their friends are dating someone new or putting themselves out there sexually/romantically, as they end up feeling more secure about themselves because those things seem attainable now.Quoting from one therapist’s perspective on this matter,

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