Midland City Post Office

“Visit your nearest Midland City Post OfficeTM at 4500 Kelly Avenue! The US Post Office® (USPS®,) is the only agency in the nation to regularly deliver to each residential and commercial address. USPS is dedicated to providing safe, secure, affordable delivery of packages and mail to more than157 million addresses in the United States, Its territories, and its numerous military bases around the world. Receiving an overnight delivery is one of the most popular services that people choose from the USPS. The fastest shipping services are provided by this agency.

midland city post office

“When you need something from the US Post Office or the US Postal Service (USPS), Midland City has a mailroom that’s open twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. People come to the Midland City post office for their everyday mailing needs, such as sending a birthday greeting, putting a Christmas card in the mail, or sending some kind of collectible or memorial item to someone special. Mailroom workers are happy to help you locate any USPS mail that you may need, no matter where it is that you live in the US.

Business reply accounts are used for making money orders, paying bills, making purchase arrangements, or making tax claims. Money orders generally include tax forms and receipts, checks, money orders for personal or business purposes, and wire transfer letters. An example of a money order would be a refund check, paid directly to the employee’s bank account. The US Post Office uses these forms to keep abreast of all the money transactions going on in the US.

There are certain times of the week when you can mail letters to the US Post Office, and certain days when they do not accept letters at all. If you’re moving to Midland City, a great way to get a hold of a US Post Office branch is by using their online address forms. These are available every Monday morning and are generally available across the nation starting on Friday evening. You can also call the US Post Office to ask about any service changes or holiday changes. Their number is always available through a toll free phone number.

The US Post Office allows customers to fix their business reply mail new permit forms online through a toll free number. The forms can be printed out by any PC printer and filled out online. The business reply mail account balance can be viewed online for a specific period of time by visiting the Online Mailing Address Locator (OML). The Midland city post office uses a dedicated toll free number for this purpose.

Customers are able to obtain a weekly update of the surcharge amounts for their stamps and letterheads by visiting the City’s Online Stamp Fee Schedule webpage. Customers need to be logged on to the website in order to access the updates. The page shows the surcharge amounts that will be collected for each business day, along with the days when the surcharges are due and how many days they will last. The webpage also provides the customer with the ability to print a one time check and send a duplicate for a fee.

The Collectors Stamp Account is located in the Midland City Post Office building. It is open Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 4:00pm. Customers are not allowed to pick up stamps from the mail center in the morning. Collection times are done on the following day, when they can pick up their parcels if they choose. Customers need to visit the Collectors Stamp Account to make their collection requests. Customers must provide a valid photo ID, and proof of registration if it is a public collection.

The Midland City Post Office sells stamps on the following days as they become available: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. On friday, the first day after Christmas, there is a holiday sale featuring lots of cards, postcards, post pounder toys, bobble head dolls, paper money, and more. Customers need to shop by theme so that they can find the right items for their collections. The Collectors Stamp Account is open from Friday, December 13th through Sunday, December 16th.

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