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Interesting Things To See And Do In Farmington Hills, MI

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Interesting Things To See And Do In Farmington Hills, MI

Farmington Hills MI is located in the western suburbs of Portage, Michigan. It is a popular community with a large number of residents who are from the surrounding area. The area offers plenty to do for residents and visitors. This includes access to various types of golf courses. Those who live in this community can enjoy a number of different recreational activities because of the abundance of great public golf courses, country clubs, and athletic fields in the area.

Residents of Farmington Hills enjoy convenience when it comes to shopping, dining, and entertainment. They are close to Michigan’s College of Optometry and the College of Medical Michigan. They are also close to the Portage Theater and Kalamazoo College.

Outdoor activities abound in the community. Residents and visitors can participate in several events every year. One of the most notable events is the Reel Lake Fishing Tournament. This fishing tournament raises money for a local non-profit cancer research foundation. Also, the event helps get rid of unwanted fish and other species each year.

Another fun event in Farmington Hills MI happens at the Michigan State Fair. It takes place each year and draws a crowd of thousands. Visitors are encouraged to bring a camera to capture their experiences at the fair. This special event also raises money for the community and other charitable organizations.

The town of Farmington Hills MI is a convenient place for anyone who enjoys horseback riding or fly fishing. It is also home to the Western Michigan Horse Center. This is where riders can learn how to care for horses and get lessons from professional horse trainers. Visitors can also check out the antique farm tractors that are on display during the fair. You can even purchase a model tractor at the fair.

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You might not think that there are stores in Farmington Hills. However, there are several stores that sell products that can be used in hobbies and other activities. Fishmills and bait containers are available for purchase. Collectible toys, metal or plastic model airplanes, miniature trains and snow gooses are also available. These items can be purchased at farmer’s markets and farmer’s cooperatives.

Those who enjoy taking pictures can take advantage of the free photo opportunities that are held regularly. Local residents and visitors are also welcome to participate in photography contests. The winners of these contests can be published on the local newspaper or posted on a website. There are also places set up to sell photographic equipment.

Visiting Farmersville is sure to be an enjoyable experience. If you love country life and historic old buildings, then this area has something to offer you. You can even have your picture taken with a vintage Ford tractor on the road in front of a historical home.

The town of Farmington Hills MI is about a half hour’s drive from Detroit. That distance can give you plenty of time to see all of the attractions in the area. There are many museums here as well as art galleries. The city was once known as the “capital of the Midwest.” You can take a trip to the Packard Automobile Museum.

Farmington Hills is close to the cities of Novi, Bloomfield, Sturgis, Bloomfield Hills, Novi, East Berlin and Mentor. You can get great deals on car rentals while you are in town. You will find that there are many fine dining restaurants as well as pubs and bars. Many people come here for the breathtaking views of Lake Michigan. There are also facilities for swimming and boating. There are over 400 miles of trails for hiking and biking.

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Fennel Farm is one of the largest farms in the state. This is the site where Thomas Edison’s first electric motor car racing machine was built. You will also discover the world renowned “Mannequins” when visiting this farm. You can view many of the artifacts and historical sights here. This attraction is great for families.

When you visit Farmington Hills, take a moment to try your hand at the many sporting events. You will be able to find a baseball diamond, golf course, basketball court, tennis court, hockey rink and more. There are also many indoor and outdoor arenas for a variety of activities. You can find shopping at the local malls and boutiques as well as great restaurants.