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I’m Dearborn in Detroit

Detroit, MI is a wonderful place for anyone who enjoys the entertainment that is Detroit has to offer. But, if you are looking for a great place to live–one that offers not only a vast selection of housing units but also easy access to the city’s many attractions and districts–you won’t want to miss the place that is dearborn in detroit. It is not only known as the home of the Detroit Red Wings, but is also known as the home of Hockey Hall of Famer Wayne Gretzky. This makes it the ultimate hockey destination for any fan of the sport. If you happen to be a fan of this sport, you’ll love all that is available in the city of Detroit, MI.

The entire city is surrounded by water with Lake Michigan bordering most of its surrounding areas. You will find that there is more than enough entertainment to keep you busy during your stay in this great city. Take a boat tour of the lake from Detroit Riverfront Park to Detroit Harbor. After this, you can go for a ride on the popular Detroit RiverWalk. You can relax while watching people go by or take a boat tour across the Detroit River from Corky’s Park to the Detroit River.

Another great thing to do in Detroit is to go see a show at the Detroit Entertainment Center. This arena features top-notch entertainment and shows throughout the year. In addition to having various shows, you can even have dinner on the premises. For some, this is their only chance to get away from the noise of the street and have a little bit of peace and quiet.

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If you enjoy fine dining, then you need to check out the new dining spots being constructed around Detroit. In Corky’s Park, you can dine and watch as people come in and out of the restaurant. At Corky’s, you can expect excellent customer service and a variety of different food choices. In Little Italy on the other hand, expect beautiful decor, quality food, and a friendly atmosphere. This Italian-style restaurant promises to please even the most discriminating palate. In addition to these two spots, expect plenty of live music and fireworks every night of the week.

If you love shopping, then you will be glad to know that there are dozens of different local shops for you to visit. From antique finds to art to fashion, there is definitely something for everyone in Detroit. You can also shop at one of Detroit’s premiere malls; the Detroit Renaissance Center. For even more shopping fun, you can go to Corky’s Place, which is located right in Corky’s Park in the heart of Detroit.

Besides being home to many of Detroit’s hot spots, it is also a great place to catch a glimpse of the city’s hottest DJ’s performing all over the weekend. In addition to DJs, you can also find many hip hop artists performing throughout the year. These acts can be great shows to see and are always worth catching live, as there are always thousands of people able to cram into the park to watch them.

The best part about I’m Dearborn in Detroit is that it is not only an up-and-coming music mecca, but it is also a great neighborhood to live in. Due to the large amount of people who live here, there are many great little boutiques and restaurants that are housed in the area. You are never far away from finding a restaurant or boutique with good food and a great atmosphere. If you happen to be craving some pizza, you won’t have to travel too far because there are many places in and around the city that offer this topping. It is also easy to find top notch department stores such as Ann Taylor, Bathylat and Macy’s to pick up some retail therapy.

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Of course, I’m Dearborn in Detroit is not complete without spotlights. Spotlights are everywhere in the city so that there is truly a never ending array of sights to see. The highlight of any trip to Dearborn is sure to be these magnificent lights; there are so many of them that it is hard to choose just one. Once you have seen them, however, you will never forget the experience of seeing them illuminating the night sky above.