I’m 18 and my mom is an alcoholic so she’s toxic/abusive but she can also be nice. I have to finish my senio r year but I can’t handle it here. What should I do?

Answer:It’s tough to live with our parents, but it is even more difficult when they are addicts or alcoholics. Sadly, sometimes this is the case and we must be careful to set boundaries with them if they are abusing us verbally, sexually, or physically. If you can’t afford to support yourself financially because your parents won’t let you work/study the independence they need help by enrolling in parenting classes that address abusive behavior and substance abuse. Make an appointment today!Moreover, if your circumstances require that you continue living with your parent(s) who may be toxic/abusive all of the time avoid visiting their home without a trusted friend for moral support. Violence has many faces so watch out for physical changes in

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