I need some advice on how to stop using hard drugs. I have no insurance for rehab and my life is currently upsid e down. It’s difficult to resort to other coping mechanisms. Can I get some advice?

Answer: That’s a very good question and one I wish I had the answer to. If you know of anyone that has been successful at coming off drugs then please feel free to post their advice here.You might also want to look into how people with opium addiction got clean (it was very similar to heroin,) which is how this amazing woman named Gini Oswald found her own way out, without any personal experience with either drug addiction, on http://www.junkiechoice.com/opium-addiction-heroin/.The first thing you need for success is resources, Gini Oswald tells on her site, so go ahead and sign up for some low cost counseling either on line or in your local community center

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