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Filing a Lawsuit in Michigan – Everything You Need to Know

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Filing a Lawsuit in Michigan – Everything You Need to Know

A recent editorial in the Chicago Tribune questioned whether or not a suit can be filed against the current mayor, Frank Jackson, over his campaign strategy of encouraging donations to his campaign. The article implied that a lawsuit could be filed because he was guilty of attempting to circumvent the state election law. In my mind the very idea that there would ever be a case brought against a mayor for trying to do what is required by the state statute is an abuse of the system and an attempt to impose on local governments all over the state and indeed the country. One would have to ask who is suing whom in a civil lawsuit when there is such an obvious abuse of the democratic process and rule of law?

Why is it necessary to bring a lawsuit against an election? Well perhaps a political party or a legal party would file a lawsuit in hopes to get some sort of compensation for what they feel was wrong or that their candidate did not do. They would most likely argue that somehow the person who lost the election felt slighted or was not properly respected. I think we all understand that in the United States we have a Constitution which guarantees our freedoms and rights, and the federal election laws which are part and parcel to those freedoms and rights. If those laws were to be infringed upon then clearly that is a problem and if there is proof of wrongdoing or a case to be made then certainly a lawsuit could be brought forward.

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If a lawsuit were brought, would the courts side with the opposition or would they side with the legitimate winner? Many legal commentators have said that a win for either side would mean victory for the other side and therefore the lawsuit itself would be moot and therefore not worth pursuing. That is to say that if there was a lawsuit, although it may appear to be worth pursuing to the opponents apparent satisfaction, it would end up in court and it would obviously be a very expensive process. If the opposition wins the lawsuit they may gain certain amount of media coverage, maybe back in the record books, but it would not necessarily have any other real world legal or financial consequences. If the Democratic candidate or his supporters were found to have committed any wrongdoing, that individual could face possible charges.

I suppose one could say that there would be some benefit to the Democrats because if the lawsuits were to be successful in having charges filed against the candidates that they would need to fund their own party’s chances of winning the election. Perhaps that would make them more willing to drop any frivolous lawsuit. Although it is rare, it has been noted that many frivolous lawsuits result in nothing whatsoever and that is not really what anyone would want. So then what is the solution? There seems to be a lot of talk on the radio and television about lawsuits being filed and a lot of people have suggested that maybe the solution is to file a lawsuit of your own, or perhaps hire a lawyer to do so.

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One thing that would need to be taken into consideration here is that the lawsuit must be brought within a time period after the election and that date must be within the calendar year. One other thing that must be kept in mind is that one cannot file a lawsuit after the lawsuit is initiated. The complaint must be filed within a period of one year from the date the injury or damage occurred. It is also imperative that the plaintiff prove that the defendant was actually negligent and that this negligence has caused injuries to them. If one is able to prove that the defendant was negligent, then they would be able to hold the person responsible financially for injuries caused.

Many people have suggested that lawyers might try to file the lawsuit without consulting with attorneys first, but that would not be wise. There are laws that protect each party and this would only serve to make things more complicated. It would also delay the process and cost much more money. As such, it is advised that both lawyers and the individuals filing suit consult with their attorneys before taking any action. It might seem like an easy thing to do, but a lawyer can help make sure that everything is done legally.

A contingency fee is something else that should be considered when filing a lawsuit in Michigan. This is money that would be paid by the candidate or his/her campaign to an legal firm on a monthly basis. This is something that is recommended because it frees up money that would normally be going out the ways of taxes. Even though one might assume that getting the money is a bad thing, Michigan law protects any citizen who may end up getting hurt due to another person’s negligence.

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One of the best parts about filing a lawsuit in Michigan is that anyone who gets injured because of candidates’ negligence has the right to sue. Therefore, the damages that one suffers will be paid for by the candidate who meant to do good. Therefore, it is highly advisable that all individuals, especially those who feel wronged, get in touch with their attorneys right away. They can discuss the details and do everything that is necessary to move the lawsuit forward. The more time that is allowed for the case to be settled, the sooner one can get back on track and forget about the recent election.

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