Best Places to Eat and Enjoy Pizza in Kentucky

Hd0sARV Best Places to Eat and Enjoy Pizza in Kentucky

Best Places to Eat and Enjoy Pizza in Kentucky

Living just a few minutes from the Kentucky Derby and the famous Louisville Zoo, there is a new pizza joint opening in Midtown. Pizzeria La Pavoni is located at Broadway and Montford in the heart of historic downtown Louisville. Like many other new restaurants, Pizzeria La Pavoni is a take on old-world Italian cuisine. Guests can enjoy their pies with wine after they dine with the restaurant’s management and owners, or they can bring their own wine to share. The wine may even go good with their New York Style pizza, another novelty that the pizzeria promises.

La Pavoni was created by the late Frank Sinatra, who loved Italian food and wanted to share it with all of America. During the 1950s, he opened a series of pizza joints in New York City that would become some of his most well known ventures. One of them was called Sinatra’s Pizza Joint, which is still opened today. Today, Sinatra’s offers pizza pies, pastas, salads, and even grilled sandwiches and pizza for lunch and dinner.

Pizzeria La Pavoni promises diners the best Italian pizza that you have ever had. The new location promises even more incredible Italian flavor, thanks to an all-you-can-eat buffet that includes their famous hot dog. Guests are treated to an open bar from beginning to end. They can order from a selection of the deluxe hot dog and salad, and a full sit down meal with pasta, soup, meatballs, vegetable platter, nachos, and much more.

The buffet is accompanied by the famous hot dog, another must have item on any menu. The deep fried turkey sandwich on the deluxe hot dog is one of the most popular attractions at the joint. A Kentucky blueberry pie is also offered as a special treat. Along with this menu, Pizzeria La Pavoni also offers a number of other Italian treats. These include vegetarian pizzas, vegetarian pasta salad, a number of different pizza and pasta salads, lasagna, meatballs with broccoli sausage, and a number of other mouth watering Italian treats.

Another Kentucky pizza restaurant is Giordano’s Pizza Napoletana. This place serves up some of the most delicious pizza in town. A variety of different styles of pizza are available including the famous Napoletana (which is covered in crust).

Another hot spot in Kentucky is Tony’s Italian Food & Restaurant. The restaurant itself has been around since 1965. Tony’s features some delicious Italian dishes, including pizza, pasta, burgers, steaks, and more. This restaurant is located in the heart of Midtown. And it doesn’t matter how you look at it, when you eat here, you feel like royalty!

The Kentucky Pizza Kitchen is located in the historic Warsaw Market. This is a classic old school pizza joint. They serve some delicious traditional pizza and all types of other food items. You can enjoy a sweet bottom crust pizza or one that is filled with your favorite toppings. If you are looking for some homemade gelato or even some cold soda or tea, this restaurant has it.

One of the most popular places in downtownky is called Joe’s Hot Dog. This restaurant offers delicious food with some of the most creative toppings you will ever find on a pizza. There are so many options, you should really try out a few of them to see what you like the best. You can get a hot dog pizza, a veggie pizza, or even some of the traditional red sauce pizza, and then take your pick from other delicious toppings.

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