A Forbidden City: Saginaw Bay, Michigan

The forbidden city in Michigan is Saginaw. Visitors, souvenir collectors, and even those who live in the area itself cannot go to this part of town without first trying to get a glimpse of what lies beyond. Saginaw Bay is truly a unique destination in Michigan. The most beautiful waterway in the entire state can be found here and offers visitors an opportunity to see some unique Michigan treasures. Here are some of the attractions in Saginaw that you won’t want to miss:

forbidden city saginaw michigan

First of all, there’s Saginaw Bay’s Wild Dunes National Park. It’s not called the “Dunes” for nothing. A walk along these dunes affords one of the best views in all of Michigan. Those who have seen the movie ” Wolverine” or “closure” probably know what to expect from this park. This is definitely a sight to behold!

Another great attraction in the city is the Saginaw Bay Maritime Museum. It was created as a memorial to all those who lost their lives at sea. This is where one can learn more about the history of the US Navy and how ships became such a threat during the war. While at the museum, one can also see a replica of a famous US ocean liner. Even those who don’t know much about boats may take this tour, and many may just stop by to say hello to the display.

For those who enjoy history, there is no better place to learn about it in Saginaw than the historic First American Hotel. Built in 1900, it has been vacant for the last couple of years, but it offers a glimpse into the history of the city and is a definite must-see if ever there was one. Of course, this is one tourist spot that non-historians will not likely want to miss. It’s worth a trip just to see the hotel itself.

Saginaw Bay’s premier indoor aquarium, Orca, gives visitors the opportunity to see one of the most unique animals on earth. If you have never seen Orca live before, this is definitely a place worth checking out. There are two separate buildings with a combined aquarium, allowing you to view Orca and interact with him. The second building also features a wide variety of exhibits, including marine life and more. There is so much to see and do in Saginaw, and Orca is certainly a great reason to be here. If you love animals and can handle water, this may be one of your best experiences to be had in the area.

For those interested in history and culture, there is plenty of historical sites to visit in Saginaw. Two towns that should be of particular interest are Saginaw City and Portage, both of which have had very different beginnings. Both towns have received donations from various industries, bringing new businesses and jobs to the area. In addition to having great history and museums, they also have some great bed and breakfasts and other hotels that offer a little more luxury.

If you are looking for a little more local knowledge, the Saginaw River area is also very educational. It is home to the Bait Island National Wildlife Refuge, where you can learn about the migratory habits of birds and other wildlife. The Saginaw Bay National Register gives you the lowdown on all of the wild life in the area as well. Tour guides can help you find the information that you need, while you enjoy the sights and sounds of the region.

Of course, there is no reason to leave the city if you want to be entertained. Saginaw Bay is known for music and dancing, and there is a variety of live shows every night. There are cabins in all sizes with full kitchens, so you can really have a great time. Saginaw Bay has even hosted popular national acts in the past, such as the Rolling Stones and Paul Simon. This is a great nightlife, especially if you are coming from out of town.

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