2021 Clash at the Corral Event Saw Nicolas Cambi Sets Block Press and Log Lift Records

The 2022 Clash at the Corral took place took place September 4th, in Waco, Texas. At this contest, Nicolas Cambi set two world records.The first event in the 2022 Clash of the Coasts super-series, Clash at the Corrals (CaTC) took place on September 4th in Waco, Texas. The event saw new records being set by 2021 Clash of the Coast champion Nicolas Cambi in the 105-kg weight class.

Cambi did not participate in CaTC. However, he attended the event to attempt several world records. In his attempts, the champion strongman set the new world record for block press of 141.5 kg and log lift of 187 kg. The previous world record for log lift in 105-kg weight class belonged to Rob Kearney (186kg).

Block press is a difficult technique to implement. Someone setting a new record would be expected to be content with the results. Cambi, however, saw it as the prologue of something bigger. In Cambi’s own words:

The block press record was neat but the Log is the King of overhead implements and has been the most contested record out of the 3.

After setting a new push-press personal record for 169 kg log lift at the event, Cambi failed to lift 181 kg. Determined to make the record-breaking lift, the 2021 Clash of the Coasts champ decided to load the 187 kg on the log. Only this time, he successfully locked it out overhead.

Cambi making the lift via split-jerk technique while wearing elbow sleeves and wrist wraps was a sight to behold. Courtesy to his Instagram account, those who missed the event can watch it below:

Creating a world record is definitely a new feather in the cap but it is impossible to generate results without arduous training. Nicolas Cambi’s record-breaking lifts were backed by 3-month long preparation and relentless training routine. While shedding light on the preparation in his Instagram post, Nicolas Cambi wrote:

Compared to other overhead lifts in my career, the log did not come as natural. I prepped a challenging 10-12 week prep that I believed would put me in the best shape to get that record.

The 2021 Clash at the Corrals series consisted of axle deadlift, stone over bar, press medley and yoke walk/farmer’s carry medley and sandbag medley. Michael Congdon (39.5 points), Bob David (37.5 points) and Justin Loy (35 points) emerged as the top three finishers. The trio earned entry into the CoTC contest to challenge Nicolas Calbi for the top spot.

Judging by the results Calbi’s training has produced so far, dethroning the champ is not going to be a walk in the park for any of the challengers. However, there is still time for CoTC 2022 and miracles can happen with right preparation.

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The 2022 Clash at the Corral took place took place September 4th, in Waco, Texas. At this contest, Nicolas Cambi set two world records.

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